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Silicea Original 30 Capsules

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Original Silicea is a food supplement specially developed for the well-being of the hair, skin and nails. The main ingredient consists of the mineral silicon in the form of highly concentrated finely divided silica as well as zinc, manganese, selenium and biotin.

Original Silicea contains silicon in the form of extremely finely divided amorphous silicon dioxide. This is important so that silicon can be absorbed into the blood and further out to the hair roots, cuticles and skin. In nature, silicon is found everywhere where flexibility, strength and elasticity are needed.

1 capsule daily. The capsules are swallowed together with liquid. In case of problems swallowing the capsules whole, these can be divided and the contents sprinkled over food or mixed in a drink.

To ensure a good result, Original Silicea should be taken for 2 - 6 months.

This is a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of small children.

30 Capsules

Per capsule: silica 420 mg (196 mg silicon), zinc 5 mg (50% DRI), manganese 2 mg (100% DRI), selenium 55 µg (100% DRI), biotin 37.5 µg (75% DRI) . DRI = Daily Reference Intake.

Ingredients: Silicon dioxide, zinc gluconate, manganese gluconate, sodium selenite, biotin (vitamin B7). Filler: corn starch. Vegetable capsule consisting of hydroxymethylpropyl cellulose.

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