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New Nordic

New Nordic

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New Nordic Chili Burn 60 Tablets

  • 57.90 USD

    61.60 USD

Save $3,70 - 6% Off
New Nordic Blue Berry Plus Eye Vitamin 120 tablets

  • 28.90 USD

    31.10 USD

Save $1,20 - 7% Off
New Nordic Hair Volume 30 tablets

  • 39.90 USD

    42.00 USD

Save $2,10 - 5% Off
New Nordic Skin Care Pigment Clear 60 Tablets


New Nordic's business concept is to develop and market dietary supplements and natural remedies for self-care. The active ingredients of the products are extracted from food or otherwise obtained from natural sources and aim to contribute to the continued health of people. New Nordic's goal is to become Scandinavia's most environmentally conscious dietary supplement and herbal medicine company. The logo of the characteristic silver tree is your guarantee that you are buying a safe product made in Scandinavia with care for people and nature.

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