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About Us

Tacksm About us - International Shipping

Making the best decisions for your body,  inside and out
We have worked with the best dietary supplement and skincare manufacturers to provide quality products that are safe for use. We work to ensure that we provide only the best product to ensure your safety. Along with dietary supplements, we also stock skincare products like anti-aging creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, hair care, oral care products, makeup, and more,
Taking care of oneself means eating the best combination of foods (carbs, fats, and proteins) to ensure that you are healthy at all times. It also means using premium skincare products that provide the best effects for your body.
When choosing foods to eat, it is not easy to target the right percentage of healthy foods to be consumed that provide you with the best results for your body goals. This is because everybody is different and requires a unique calorie intake per person to reach their goals. Due to this, the need to use dietary supplements is growing ever important.
The need to have premium skincare products can not be overemphasized. Yes, your body needs good foods and supplements to function properly, but your skin is exposed to harsh conditions from the climate, dirt, diseases, and more.
At Tacksm, we are dietary supplements and skincare reseller based in Sweden with over three years of selling dietary supplements and skincare products on different international platforms. We have experience selling Scandinavian dietary supplements and stock the best dietary supplements and skincare products for you.
Our team of supplier is dedicated to providing the best products. This is why we continuously research each product and its effects over time before we add it to our list of items. We do this to provide a legitimate business and a trustworthy brand for dietary supplement users and skincare lovers.
We provide genuine products with international shipping to assure all our customers that their favorite products can get to them wherever they are and whenever they need them to. As a growing brand, our customers' satisfaction is important to us. We work tirelessly towards providing you with the best service possible.
To assure you of our confidence, we have a money-back policy that guarantees your reimbursements when you are unsatisfied with our products. We also provide a return policy to ensure that all unsatisfied products can be sent back to us.
We are competitively priced to ensure that you can get the best dietary supplements and skincare products from our shop at affordable prices. We care about your overall health, both  inside and out.