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  • 7.00 USD

    7.40 USD

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TePe EasyPick ToothPicks Size Medium-Large 36 pcs

  • 6.00 USD

    6.40 USD

Save $0,40 - 6% Off
Ekulf SlimStick Toothpicks 120 pcs

  • 6.60 USD

    7.10 USD

Save $0,50 - 7% Off
Proxident Plastic Toothpick Original 100 pcs

  • 6.90 USD

    7.50 USD

Save $0,60 - 8% Off
Proxident Plastic Toothpick Fluoride 100 pcs

  • 7.40 USD

    7.90 USD

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GUM Soft-Picks Toothpicks Advanced Large 30 pcs

  • 8.20 USD

    8.70 USD

Save $0,50 - 5% Off
GUM Soft-Picks Toothpicks Large 50 pcs

  • 7.00 USD

    7.30 USD

Save $0,30 - 4% Off
GUM Soft-Picks Toothpicks Advanced Small 30 pcs

  • 11.90 USD

    12.60 USD

Save $0,70 - 5% Off
GUM Soft-Picks Advanced Regular Toothpicks 60 pcs


Toothpicks as they are also called, are a good and simple tool to use to clean between the teeth. In this category you will find different types of toothpicks. Sticks made of plastic or wood in different sizes, with or without flour . The flour strengthens the teeth and makes it harder for caries to take hold. Daily cleaning of the teeth is important to remove any bacterial deposits that occur during the day. Bacteria can cause caries and gingivitis . Food residues stuck between the teeth can be difficult to remove with a regular toothbrush . Then toothpicks are a good aid. Toothpicks often have a coarser tip than, for example, dental floss and are suitable for adults who have a little more space between their teeth. For young people or adults with smaller gaps, dental floss is often a better option. For larger gaps are gap brushesgood to use. Then it is important to think about choosing the right size. If you start to bleed when you clean between your teeth, it is often because the gums are inflamed. It is an indicator that you are in need of interstitial cleaning, and often goes away with time. But remember to always be careful and gentle when cleaning between the teeth.

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