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Biosalma Vitamin K2 100 Capsules Biosalma Vitamin K2 100 Capsules

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BioSalma is a Swedish brand for dietary supplements. BioSalma develops products that in their entirety contribute to a healthy life. The products are developed and manufactured in Scandinavia.

Ever since day one, BioSalma have been very careful with the content of our supplements. Only the best is good enough, Biosalma believe. BioSalma ambition has always been to make dietary supplements with a focus on function and optimization. Always based on science. BioSalma believe that you, just like us, appreciate dietary supplements with a documented and guaranteed effect.

The search to find the best content has, among other things, led BioSalm to the deepest waters around the coasts of Norway. From here, several of our products originate, for example our pure untreated salmon oil. But BioSalma are not content with just top-class ingredients.

BioSalma are constantly working to make our supplements even sharper. Therefore, BioSalm optimize by adding substances that reinforce each other and are well suited to combine so that the end result is twice as good. BioSalma will continue our journey of discovery and find new combinations of substances and products, adapted to your and my needs. You can expect more from BioSalma. And get it.

Welcome to a healthier and smarter world.