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Pampers Premium Protection Diapers 44pcs 2-5 kg

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Pampers Premium Protection gives your baby Pampers best comfort and protection. With a unique Stop & Protect pocket that helps prevent leaks at the back for up to 12 hours of full coverage leak protection.
Pampers Premium Protection is a soft diaper that keeps your baby dry. The diaper has a fluffy and soft inner layer that allows the skin to breathe and keeps moisture away from the baby's skin. Pampers Premium Protection has soft wings with flexible sides and double leg ends that adapt to the baby's shape for best skin comfort and improved protection against leakage. The diaper has a core that efficiently absorbs liquid quickly to keep baby's skin dry and protected for up to 12 hours. Gentle on the child's skin and dermatologically tested. 
Size 1 for children weighing 2-5 kg.
To avoid the risk of suffocation and/or strangulation, keep all packaging materials out of the reach of children.


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