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Always Dailies Flexistyle Slim 40 pcs Unscented

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Always Dailies Flexistyle Slim is a panty liner that allows the skin to breathe and gives a fresh feeling. Flexistyle Slim is flexible to fit all types of panties, and is thinner than 1 mm for extra comfort and flexibility. The panty liner has a design that breathes and fits well in everyday life. Always Flexistyle Slim has a secure fit with adjustable mounts that hold the protection in place. Can be used for discharge or for increased protection during irregular periods.
Keep the morning's feeling of freshness all day! Always Discreet panty liner Flexistyle is Always the most beautiful, most flexible and thinnest panty liner that adapts to all types of panties. You will not feel the incredibly thin Flexistyle panty liners. The name Flexistyle says it all - you can wear panty liners with any type of panty you want. They have flexible sides that fold in 3 directions for a perfect fit regardless of the type of panties! Dermatologically tested. Simply place a box in the panty box and use every day! You will feel like you are wearing freshly washed panties all day, every day!
Dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin.

40 pcs

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