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MAM Original Night 16-36m Silicone Blue 2 pcs

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MAM Original Night 16-36 months is a classic pacifier that is gentle on the child's skin thanks to air holes in the shield and knobby interior. MAM Original Night has a suction part in silky smooth silicone (MAM Skin Soft) that feels soft and familiar to the baby and resembles mother's skin. Has a luminous knob that makes the pacifier easy to find in the dark.
2-pack of pacifiers in a practical storage and sterilization box that makes it easy to sterilize the pacifiers in the microwave.
Available in different shades/motifs - which one you get will be a surprise!
To ensure safety and hygiene, change pacifiers after 1-2 months. Always test the pacifier before each use.

2 pcs

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