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Indy Beauty Clear Moisturizing Day Cream 50 ml

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Indy Beauty Clear Moisturizing Day Cream is an intensely moisturizing day cream that boosts the skin with moisture and nourishment. Clear Moisturizing Day Cream contains ingredients that make the pores look smaller and give the skin a glow. With light-reflecting pigment that gives the skin glow and extract of white peony.
For best results, combine with using Intense Moisturizing Night Cream in the evening.
Indy Beauty is Therése Lindgren's own skin care brand. Therése Lindgren is one of Sweden's largest "youtubers" awarded as the youtuber of the year at Guldtuben 2015 and 2016 and has received the award Web TV Profile of the Year at Kristallengalan 2016. Therése is also known for the book Sometimes I do not feel so good - this year's best-selling non-fiction book in 2016.

50 ml

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