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HTH Original Body Lotion Unscented 200 ml

9.90 USD

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HTH Original Body Lotion is an exceptional body lotion designed specifically for individuals with dry skin. This moisturizer contains a unique blend of substances, including urea, lactic acid, and betaine. These ingredients are naturally found in the skin and have a remarkable moisture-binding effect, which helps to maintain the skin's protection and suppleness.
This body lotion is perfect for those who want to improve their skin's moisture balance in both the short and long term. By using HTH Original, your skin can maintain its natural barrier function while remaining adequately hydrated.
Unlike many other body lotions on the market, HTH Original is completely free from perfume, preservatives, and dyes. This means that individuals with sensitive skin can use this lotion without any concerns about irritation or adverse reactions.
Not only is HTH Original great for your skin, but it is also vegan and Nordic Ecolabelled. These certifications demonstrate HTH Original's commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. And to top it off, HTH Original is proudly made in Sweden, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.
In summary, HTH Original Body Lotion is the ideal moisturizer for individuals with dry skin. Its unique blend of ingredients effectively binds moisture, improves the skin's moisture balance in both the short and long term, and maintains its natural barrier function. With its vegan and Nordic Ecolabelled certifications, HTH Original is the perfect choice for those who care about their skin and the environment.

200 ml

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