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Decubal Face Vital Cream 50 ml

17.40 USD

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Decubal Face moisturiser for dry skin Vital contains several active ingredients that help the skin to build up from within. It contains, among other things, a skin-identical ceramide mixture, vitamin E, shea butter and vitamin B3 (niacinamide), which has a nurturing and moisturizing effect. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin without being sticky and makes the skin feel matt.
Specially developed for dry skin cream for face.
Decubal face moisturiser for dry skin cream contains ceramides, vitamin B3 and jojoba oil which helps to nourish and rebuild the skin. It is also face moisturizer for dry skin.
Decubal Face Vital can be used both as a day cream and night cream.
Decubal Face Moisturiser for dry skin Vital Cream is a face cream for dry, very dry or sensitive skin. The cream is extra nourishing, moisturizing and helps build up the skin. The face cream is designed to provide daily care to skin that has extra needs for nutrition and hydration.
Fat content 18%. Can be used both as a day and night cream. Suitable for all skin types, even very dry and sensitive skin.
The face moisturiser for dry skin cream is unscented.

50 ml

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