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Corega Tabs 3 Minutes 66 pcs

11.90 USD

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Corega Tabs 3 Minutes - the ultimate solution for maintaining your dentures' cleanliness and ensuring good oral hygiene. 
With its fast-acting formula, Corega denture cleanser tablets clean your dentures quickly in just three minutes, leaving them free from discolorations and coatings. These tablets have been laboratory-tested and proven to kill 99.9% of the bacteria that cause bad breath, thus contributing to better oral health.
Dentures are naturally softer than teeth and require a gentle cleaning process. That's why Corega's denture cleanser tablets are designed with a non-abrasive formula that helps prevent scratching and leaves fewer places for bacteria to grow. They are also ideal for cleaning bite splints.
For best results, we recommend cleaning your dentures or braces with Corega Tablets for dentures twice a day. Simply place a Corega denture cleanser tablet in warm water (not boiling), ensuring that the prosthesis is entirely covered with water. Leave it in the water for three minutes, then use a soft toothbrush to lightly brush the denture with the cleaning water before discarding it. Rinse the cleaned prosthesis thoroughly under running water before putting it back in place.
Choose Corega Tabs 3 Minutes for a clean, fresh and healthy smile!.

NOTE: Do not put the effervescent tablet in your mouth. Do not drink the cleansing water or rinse your mouth with it.
Clean the prosthesis with Corega Tabs 3 Minutes twice a day. You can use Corega Tabs 3 Minutes several times a day as long as the instructions are followed.

66 pcs

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