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Colgate Caries Control Toothpaste 75 ml

4.00 USD

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Colgate Caries Control is a versatile toothpaste that caters to the oral hygiene needs of the entire family. A household staple for many of us, it has stood the test of time with its consistent popularity. Over the years, Colgate Caries Control has undergone enhancements, and now boasts the added benefit of calcium, which works to fortify and strengthen teeth.
One of the primary functions of toothpaste is to provide protection against tooth decay, particularly in the interdental spaces. Colgate Caries Control toothpaste achieves this with its gentle yet effective abrasive formula. Furthermore, the toothpaste's mild and refreshing taste makes it suitable for the whole family, even those with sensitive taste buds.
A notable feature of Colgate Caries Control toothpaste is its optimal fluoride content, which stands at 1450 parts per million (ppm). This carefully calibrated fluoride concentration helps to prevent cavities and promote overall dental health.
In summary, Colgate Caries Control toothpaste is a reliable and effective oral hygiene solution for families looking for a toothpaste that is both gentle and protective against tooth decay. With its mild taste, added calcium, and optimal fluoride content, it is a must-have for those who prioritize maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

75 ml

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