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Andrea Bleach Creme Body

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Andrea Extra Strength Bleach Creme Body is a cream used to bleach dark hair on the body. The bleaching cream helps to tone down dark hair on the body and is gentle on the skin.
 The package contains Creme Bleach 42 grams and Creme Activator 28 grams.
Read the instructions carefully before use.
1. Gently wash the area to be bleached with cold water and soap. Dry carefully.
2. Squeeze 6 cm Creme Bleach into the mixing cup.
Then squeeze out 3 cm Activator (2 parts Creme Bleach + 1 part Activator).
4. Mix the 2 components with the spatula.
5.Use the spatula and apply the cream on the desired area. Be sure to cover completely. The cream must not be rubbed in.
6. The bleaching time varies from person to person. Wait 10 minutes and wash off a small area with cold water to see if the desired result is achieved. If not, apply the cream again and wait another 5 min.
7. Wash off all creme thoroughly with cold water. Gently wipe the skin.
8. Discard any remaining mixture and clean the mixing cup and spatula in water. Make sure the tubes are tightly closed.

42g + 28g