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Absolut Torr Extra Effective Antiperspirant 35 ml

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Absolut Torr is an effective antiperspirant that counteracts sweat and bad odor for up to 7 days. Absolut Dry is effective against all types of sweating, such as arm sweat, hand sweat and foot sweat. Al so recommended by the care in case of problems with excessive sweating so-called hyperhidrosis.

Absolut Torr contains aluminum chloride in alcohol that reacts with proteins in the sweat exit in the outermost layer of the skin. The normally open outlet is "clogged again" and the sweat cannot pass out on the skin. The body's excess heat is vented away via the millions of sweat glands found on other parts of the skin. Aluminum chloride also has a good bactericidal effect that dampens the appearance of bad smells.Absolut Torr is "dabbed" on the skin with a dab-o-matic applicator, Absolut Torr has been available in pharmacies since the 1980s.

Note that Absolut Torr contains aluminum chloride, which can cause burning, itching and tingling in the skin. The problems are usually due to the skin not being completely dry at the time of application. Therefore, be sure to dry the skin well before use. The problems are usually temporary, otherwise: wash off Absolutely Dry and try again next night. If the skin has become red and irritated, you can apply an emollient cream or, for more severe problems, an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. If irritation persists, discontinue use of Absolute Dry.

When the product is new - assemble the dab-on applicator as
follows : Unscrew and discard the black cap. Hold the bottle firmly against a hard surface (to prevent the contents from spilling) and press the applicator into the neck of the bottle using the white cap. Then unscrew the white cap so that the applicator is firmly attached to the bottle. As Absolut Torr contains alcohol which evaporates easily, the cap must always be well screwed on when the bottle is not in use.

Use Absolutely Dry as follows:
Absolut Dry is a very active product which can be felt on the skin. To achieve full effect and to avoid burning on the skin, it is important that the skin is completely dry when you apply (dab on) Absolutely Dry. Wash skin and dry well with a towel. Let the skin air dry for another while.

Freshly shaved skin is easily irritated - you should not have shaved under your arms for the next 24 hours before applying Absolut Dry. If Absolut Torr is applied in the evening, it is excellent to shave the skin the next morning.
Apply (dab) Absolutely Dry on the skin, e.g. in the armpit, an hour or so before going to bed at night and letting it dry - it usually only takes a few minutes. Let the skin air dry.

Wash skin in the morning. If you wish, you can use a regular fragrance deodorant but it is not necessary. Absolutely Dry keeps the skin dry and odorless for up to 7 days.

35 ml / 1.2oz

Alcohol Denat, Aluminium Chloride, t-Butyl Alcohol, Denatonium Benzoate

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