Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo Toothpaste 65 ml

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Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo Toothpaste contains active ingredients that dissolve and effectively remove superficial coatings on the teeth, without having a detrimental grinding effect on the enamel. The toothpaste is therefore good to use every day and can replace your regular toothpaste.
Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo Toothpaste has a high fluoride content that counteracts caries; contains potassium nitrate which counteracts irritation; contains zinc citrate for a healthier gums and fresher breath as well as poloxamer which protects against new coatings.
Contains fluoride 1450ppm.
Used morning and evening and you should brush 2-3 minutes for best results.
Should not be used by children under 7 years. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use the product.
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Brand:Brilliant Smile


Category:Teeth Whitening

Manufacturing country:Sweden

Size:65 ml