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Zendium Saliva Gel 75 ml

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M. country:Netherland

Size:75 ml

Article Number: 8710908842504

Zendium Saliva Gel Care For Mouth is a moisturizing gel based on colostrum (colostrum). Zendium Saliva Gel Care For Mouth is used as a complement to toothbrushing on dry and sensitive mucous membranes. 
The gel contains enzymes that complement and support the naturally protective properties of saliva. Can be used by prosthesis carriers as the moisturizing gel helps to hold the prosthesis in place by forming a layer between the mucous membrane and the prosthesis.

Zendium Saliva Gel Care For Mouth is not a toothpaste but a moisturizing gel that is used as a complement to toothbrushing. Has a mild taste that gives a pleasant feeling in the mouth. 

The gel also contains fluoride to protect the teeth from caries.

Not recommended for milk allergy sufferers as it contains small amounts of eggs / milk proteins.