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GUM Original White Toothpaste 75ml

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M. country:USA

Size:75 ml / 2.5 fl oz

Article Number: 070942303132
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GUM Original White toothpaste is a whitening toothpaste for white teeth. It is suitable for sensitive teeth and those who want to keep their natural color. It removes stains without using abrasive agents. It is made up of hydrogenated silica which is used to clean the surface of your teeth. This helps prevent cavities and strengthen the enamel. Fluoride prevents decay and strengthens the enamel.
GUM Original toothpaste for white teeth contains micronized cleaning particles of hydrogenated silica to remove discolorations without strong abrasives. The toothpaste unique substance Stain Clear penetrates discolorations and gently dissolves them, even in unevenness on the enamel without strong bleaching substances.
The high fluorine content both strengthens and protects the enamel of teeth.