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Gum Activital Toothpaste 75 ml

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M. country:Switzerland

Size:75 ml

Article Number: 7630019902472
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Gum Activital Healthy Gams and Teeth Toothpaste uses a combination of natural ingredients to promote healthy gums and teeth, including co-enzyme Q 10, pomegranate extract, ginger and chamomiile (bisabolol). It also contains PlakClear™, which binds to plaque bacteria so that they don't stick to your teeth. This helps prevent cavities and gum disease.

Gum Activital Healthy Gums and Teeth Toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste. For healthy gums and teeth.
Gum Activital Healthy Gums and Teeth Toothpaste contains co-enzyme Q10, pomegranate, ginger and chamomile as well as PlakClear ™ (Cationic silica) which creates binding to plaque bacteria and means that they do not "stick" to the tooth's surface but are spit out with saliva.
The ingredients antioxidants Q10 and pomegranate as well as ginger and chamomile (bisabolol) help protect and strengthen the gums.
1450 ppm fluorine.
Taste of mint.

Not for children under 7 years.
Use on toothbrush at least 2 times / daily.
Not for children under 7 years.
Store at room temperature.
Used within 12 months after opening.