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Corega Ultra Powder 40 g

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Category:Oral care

M. country:United Kingdom

Size:40 g

Article Number: 5000198103427
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Corega Ultra Powder is a denture fixative in powder form with a fresh taste of mint. Suitable for anyone who uses full or partial dentures. Corega Ultra Powder keeps the denture in place for 12 hours and protects against irritating food particles.
The powder has an extra strong adhesion, acts quickly and is easy to dose. Apply the powder in a thin and even layer on a clean, damp prosthesis by gently pressing the bottle or shaking it over the prosthesis. Shake off excess powder, press the prosthesis in place and hold it for a few seconds.
To use Corega Ultra Powder:
1. Prepare the prosthesis by washing it thoroughly with lukewarm water. The prosthesis should still be moist when the powder is applied.
2. Apply the Corega powder to the prosthesis by gently pressing on the bottle or shaking it over the prosthesis.
For best results, all prosthetic material that has contact with the jaw should be covered with a thin and even powder layer. Shake off excess powder from the prosthesis before putting it in place.
3. Press the prosthesis in place and hold it for a few seconds.