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Corega Tabs 3 Minutes 66 pcs

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Category:Oral care

M. country:Netherland

Size:66 pcs

Article Number: 8710464120290
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Corega Tabs 3 Minutes are tablets for dentures. Denture cleanser tablets Clean quickly, in just three minutes, and kill 99.9% of the bacteria that cause bad breath (according to laboratory tests). Corega denture cleanser tablets removes discolorations and coatings and contributes to good oral health.
Because dentures are softer than natural teeth, it is good if they are cleaned with a gentle cleaning that is adapted to the surface of the denture. Corega's denture cleanser tablets contain no abrasives to prevent scratching, and leave fewer places where bacteria can grow.

Can also be used for cleaning bite splints. Clean your prosthesis or brace with Corega Tablets for dentures twice a day.

Put a Corega denture cleanser tablets in warm water. (The water must not boil.) Make sure that the prosthesis is completely covered with water. Leave the prosthesis in the water for 3 minutes. For best results, use a soft toothbrush and brush the denture lightly with the cleaning water. Then immediately discard the water. Rinse the cleaned prosthesis thoroughly under running water before putting it back in place.

NOTE: Do not put the effervescent tablet in your mouth. Do not drink the cleansing water or rinse your mouth with it.
Clean the prosthesis with Corega Tabs 3 Minutes twice a day. You can use Corega Tabs 3 Minutes several times a day as long as the instructions are followed.