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Pharbio Hemofer Plus 60 tablets

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Category:Dietary Supplement

M. country:Denmark

Size:60 tablets

Article Number: 5702071382683

Hemofer Plus is a dietary supplement with iron and folic acid for you who want to get pregnant or are already pregnant. Hemofer contains so-called home iron which is more easily absorbed by the body than non-home iron. With folic acid that contributes to normal blood formation and tissue growth in pregnant women. Hemofer Plus also contains vitamin C for better absorption of iron.
Hemorrhoids very rarely cause side effects, which is otherwise relatively common with iron intake. Due to the body's efficient absorption of domestic iron, excess amounts of iron in the intestine do not cause discomfort, which is common with other iron preparations.
  • Gentle on the stomach.
  • New tablet form to make it easier to swallow
Recommended daily dose:
Pregnant women: 2-3 tablets.
Menopausal women and blood donors: 1-2 tablets.
Others: 1 tablet.

Hemoglobin powder (from bovine animals), maize starch, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), iron (iron bisglycinate), humectants (glycerol), surface treatment agents (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, magnesium salts of fatty acids, silica, carbon dioxide, microdexcarbox, ) tricalcium phosphate), dyes (iron oxides and iron hydroxides), vegetable fats (from coconut), folic acid (pteroyl monoglutamic acid)  
Nutritional value per 1 tablet: Iron 13.5mg (96% of DRI); Folic acid 200µg; Vitamin C 40mg (50% of DRI)

Nutritional value per serving (1 pc)
iron:13.50 mg(97% of DRI)
Vitamin B9 (folic acid and folate):200.00 µg(100% of DRI)
Vitamin C:40.00 mg(50% of DRI)