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Pharbio D3 Vitamin 180 Tablets

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Category:Dietary Supplement

M. country:Denmark

Size:180 tablets

Article Number: 5702071388562
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Pharbio D3 is a dietary supplement containing 25 micrograms (250% DRI *) of vitamin D3. Vitamin D is a particularly important vitamin during the dark season. Vitamin D helps maintain a normal function of the teeth, bones and muscles and a normal function of the immune system.

* Daily reference intake

Recommended daily dose for adults: 1 tablet. Feel free to take the tablet with a meal.

INGREDIENTS: Stabilizer (E341, E460, E551), vitamin D (cholecalciferol), surface treatment agent (E470b).

Nutritional value per 1 pc (1 tablet)

Vitamin D: 25.00 .g (500% of DRI)

The National Food Administration recommends dietary supplements with 10 micrograms (400 IU) of vitamin D3 for all children under 2 years. Children who do not eat vitamin D-enriched products or fish as well as children who do not stay outdoors enough or have dark skin color may need D-drops for up to about 5 years. 
Elderly people who rarely stay outdoors should also eat 10 micrograms of vitamin D3 supplement. Pregnant women who do not eat vitamin D-enriched foods or who wear full-coverage clothing are recommended vitamin D supplements after talking to a midwife.
This is a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children