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Priorin Hair Nail And Skin Supplement 180 Capsules

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Category:Dietary Supplement

Manufacturing country:Denmark

Size:180 capsules

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Priorin Hair Nail And Skin Supplement in a large package with 180 capsules.
Priorin Hair Nail And Skin Supplement is a dietary supplement that adds biotin to the hair roots and helps maintain normal hair.
Priorin also contains a combination of millet extract, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and the amino acid L-cystine.
This pack of 180 capsules is enough for a full 3-month course.
Due to the slow growth of the hair, Priorin Hair Nail And Skin Supplement should be used for at least 3 months to achieve the best results. It is an important issue to be patient.
Starting dose:
Take 2 capsules per day for the first 3 months. The capsules should be swallowed whole with some liquid.
Maintenance dose:
Take 1 capsule per day. They should be swallowed whole along with some liquid. Priorin is well tolerated and can be used to advantage for a longer period of time.

Per daily dose 2 capsules: Biotin 0.2 mg, L-cystine 6 mg, Millet extract 420 mg, Pantothenic acid 27.5 mg. The capsule contains gelatin from cattle (halal). Allergy information: contains GLUTEN from WHEAT germ oil and SOYBEANS. Origin Spain.
Ingredients: WHEAT Seed oil, millet extract, gelatin (from cattle, halal), humectants: glycerol, thickeners: yellow beeswax, vitamin: pantothenic acid (in the form of calcium pantothenate), emulsifiers: SOJAlecithin, amino acids: dye cystine brown, red and yellow), titanium dioxide, flavors: vanillin, acetanisole, vitamin: biotin

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, Priorin should not be used. Can be used During breast-feeding, but pregnant women Should Consult A doctor / midwife before use for Safety Reasons.
This is a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Keep out of reach of small children.