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Veet Essentials Inspirations Wax Strips for the face have been developed with inspiration from nature. The wax in Veet's wax strips contains 90% natural ingredients. Makes the skin smooth and has an effect that lasts for up to 28 days. The wax contains, among other things, pine tree look and the included wet wipes are enriched with natural argan oil that moisturizes the skin.
Use only on upper lip, cheeks and chin.
Read the instructions on the package carefully before using the Veet Wax Strips. The strips do not need to be rubbed between the hands to separate.
 1. Separate the two double strips on the perforated line, take one strip and carefully pull the strips apart using the outward-facing tabs.
2. The hair grows down and to the left and right, so wax the two sides separately. Place a strip with the rounded tab in the hair growth direction on one side of your upper lip and rub repeatedly in the hair growth direction (away from the nose).
3. Keep the skin taut. Grasp the tab and pull the strip back as fast as you can towards the hair growth direction. Pull the strip back in a quick motion close to the skin rather than away from it.
4. After waxing, remove any wax residue from the skin with a Perfect Finish wipe.
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Category:Wax Strips

Manufacturing country:Denmark

Size:20 pcs