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Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 60 nos. Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 60 nos.

Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 60 nos.

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Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 30 nos. Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 30 nos.

Maxosol Antioxidants Tablets 30 nos.

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Maxosol supplements are an excellent complement to sunscreen for anyone who loves the sun!
For the hair health and Skin health.

Maxosol contains biotin, niacin and zinc which help maintain normal skin health, and copper which contribute to the normal pigmentation of the hair and skin.

The antioxidants selenium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E protect the cells against oxidative stress, and vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen formation which is important for the normal function of the skin and skin health. Zinc and selenium help maintain normal hair health and normal nails.

 Maxosol Contains vitamins and minerals that help maintain normal skin health.
People who eat too little fruit and vegetables and who are exposed to alcohol, stress and sunlight often get a skin that dries out and is more vulnerable to foreign attacks. Maxosol counteracts the factors that negatively affect the skin through its balanced combination of vitamins and minerals.

Recharge before the holiday trip with the bestseller Maxosol. Thanks to the extra high content of beta-carotene, Maxosol has become a classic to be reckoned with among this type of dietary supplement. The supplement begins to be taken a couple of weeks before it is time to stay in strong sun and contains selected vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin, radiate and protect from the sun's harmful effects.

High content of beta carotene
Popular supplement to prolong the tan
Nourishes hair, skin and nails.as it is a supplements for skin health and hair health.
Start using a couple of weeks before the sun holiday
The tablets do not contain gluten or lactose, which means that they work even for you who are intolerant.

Keep in mind that Maxosol does not replace sunscreens, but only builds up the skin from within. 

Therefore, combine your supplement with a sunscreen adapted to your own skin type when you are staying in strong sun.

Get the most out of your sun holiday, buy Maxosol from us today!