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IDUN Minerals

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IDUN Minerals is a Swedish series of mineral products with caring and protective properties, developed to suit all skin types. The basic products consist 100% of highly purified minerals, which means that the minerals are purified from, among other things, nickel, chromium and microorganisms. IDUN's basic products do not contain talc, oil, silicone, perfume, bismuth or preservatives.
IDUN's products are inorganic and anhydrous, which prevents bacterial growth. IDUN Minerals does not clog pores, but allows the skin to breathe. The mild formula has a soothing effect on the skin and contains a natural sunscreen that helps prevent skin aging.
The basic products in IDUN Minerals' skin care range are changing to a more durable packaging. Now made of green PE plastic and locally made in Sweden. The result is up to 87% less plastic. More beauty. More durable.