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Eneomey is a skin care series with powerful products that since 2017 has a new and updated formulation. The brand was founded as early as 1984 under the name Mene & Moy by a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. Eneomey's products are very effective due to the high concentration of active ingredients, such as stabilized vitamin C, glycolic acid and phytic acid. Eneomey products help to create a younger, cleaner and clearer skin. Eneomeys skin care products are recommended to enhance all anti-aging treatments such as peeling and other aesthetic actions.
If you are using other skin care products that contain acids (such as AHA acid), it is recommended that you stop taking them for at least two weeks before using Eneomey acids. Do not use acid-based products on tanned skin, newly waxed skin or skin with sores. For darker skin tones, acids should be used with caution. Initially, dryness may be experienced when you start using acids. A cleansing effect can also be experienced. If you are taking prescription medications, consult your treating physician before use. Avoid active sunbathing when using acids and retinol. Avoid the use of acids and retinol during pregnancy and lactation.