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Bio-Oil is a skin care product that moisturizes and improves the skin's appearance and structure. Bio-Oil skin care oil is a popular oil that helps to make scars, stretch marks and uneven skin less prominent. The oil is also recommended for aging and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil also works well as a moisturizer and improves structure, skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Bio-Oil contains a mixture of plant extracts and vitamins that both nourish the skin and give a nice glow. The oil rebuilds the skin's natural fat layer and helps restore the protective membrane.
In addition to the oil, there is also Bio-Oil Gel, an intensely moisturizing gel for dry skin. The gel helps to restore the skin's natural moisture balance and makes the skin soft, smooth and supple.
Bio-Oil has several times become the best-selling product for scars and stretch marks and the oil is recommended by doctors, pharmacists and midwives.