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Logotyp Priorin
Priorin hair products are specially developed for you who want to regain strong and healthy hair. Priorin was developed in Switzerland in 1959 by doctor of medicine Kurt Bosch and chemist Hans Stehle, who was then the first to use a systemic product against periodic hair loss. It has been scientifically tested that Priorin capsules give noticeably fuller, stronger and shinier hair *.
Priorin capsules are a dietary supplement with a well-proven composition that is tailored for healthy hair and hair growth. The capsules add biotin directly to the hair roots, which helps to maintain the hair as healthy as normal hair should be. The hair roots play a central role in hair growth. This is where the hair cells build up and the hair gets its character. To maintain a normal hair growth, an optimal supply of nutrients to the hair roots is important. Supplement with Priorin shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and strengthens and moisturizes the hair.

Priorin Hair, Nail and Skin 60 Capsules Priorin Hair, Nail and Skin 60 Capsules