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Locobase Repair Cream 30 g

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Category:Body Cream

M. country:Sweden


Article Number: 7350087730394
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Locobase Repair cream for the body. A body moisturiser cream for whole body. Quickly and effectively repairs dry and cracked skin.
Locobase Repair cream for the body adds skin-identical barrier fats that penetrate the skin and are released when needed. Locobase Repair cream for the body works directly upon application and up to 24 hours. skin protective.
Very dry skin is a common problem that can be very troublesome. If you yourself have very dry skin, you may have cracks, these can cause both itching and burning. Ordinary skin creams are not always enough in extreme dryness. Locobase reair cream for the body is a skin protective. Locobase repair cream for the body a body moisturizer for oily skin.  Contains as much as 63% fat, many of which are already found naturally in the skin. Some of the important ingredients are ceramides, barrier fats, also cholesterol and free fatty acids are included in the list of ingredients.
Locobase Repair Cream for the body which is skin protective can be used on dry, itchy and cracked skin on the whole body, including the feet and face, even if you have eczema, irritated skin or otherwise particularly sensitive skin.
A skin protector cream for the whole body and face. Intended for very dry skin and adds skin-identical barrier fat substances that protect against dehydration and harmful substances. Lubricate children about 10 minutes before leaving in cold weather.
Lubricate exposed skin areas once a day (more often if necessary) and preferably in the evening as it gives the cream plenty of time to work. Locobase Repair cream for the body a small click goes a long way.
Free from perfume, dyes, parabens and preservatives.

Review about product.
 ★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.5/5
J. Benecke
Posted 20/08/2020
Sold By: tacksm
Great product for irritated skin
This cream really helps sooth and heal very dry, inflamed skin. Contains ceramides which make a real difference yo skin health. A little goes a long way, so in my opinion it’s worth the price.