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Decubal Original Clinic Cream 250 g

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Category:Body Cream

M. country:Denmark


Article Number: 7350087734859

Decubal Original Clinic Cream is a cream for body. It is a body moisturiser, An extra care cream for dry and sensitive skin. The skin cream for body contains substances that are similar to the skin's own and is therefore easily absorbed by the skin and helps it to encapsulate moisture. Decubal Clinic Cream is rich in the natural fat substance lanolin, which helps the cream to penetrate the skin quickly.

Decubal Clinic cream for body penetrate into the skin very quickly. The body moisturiser protects from substances that makes skin dry and cream keeps skin soft and supple for the long time.


Whole body moisturiser is for the whole family.

Can also be used by people with sensitive skin, such as eczema and psoriasis. An extra care for the whole body.

For daily use, preventive care of dry skin. Can be used on the whole body, even on the face.

Recommended by the Asthma & Allergy Association