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Australian BodyCare Tea Tree Oil 30 ml

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Product details

Brand:Australian BodyCare


Category:After Bite

M. country:Denmark

Size:30 ml

Article Number: 5709455006012
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Australian BodyCare Tea Tree Oil is an oil that has traditionally been used in e.g. insect bites. Contains 100% Tea Tree Oil.
Before use, the Teatree oil must be mixed with another oil. Mixing instructions: Dilute Tea Tree Oil with other oils in a 1: 100 ratio before applying to the skin. Use a fresh, edible vegetable oil for dilution.
1 drop Tea Tree for 10 ml vegetable oil
3 drops Tea Tree for 20 ml vegetable oil
6 drops Tea Tree for 40 ml vegetable oil
9 drops Tea Tree for 60 ml vegetable oil
Apply to the skin as needed with a cotton swab / pad. Note that Tea Tree Oil dissolves certain types of plastic. Never allow the product or mixture to come into contact with plastic material.
NOTE! Tea Tree Oil and mixtures containing Tea Tree Oil can cause allergic reactions. Diluted Tea Tree Oil should only be used externally, on the skin. Do not use Tea Tree Oil - in either pure and diluted form - on rashes, irritated / damaged skin, or areas around the lips and eyes. Do not use Tea Tree Oil if you are allergic to linalol or limonene.